Why is my webcam not working on a laptop?

webcam not working on laptop

If your laptop webcam not working it probably was not installed. First of all look again, if the webcam is installed:

In XP -> Start -> Control Panel -> Performance and Maintenance -> System -> in the “System Properties” in the “Hardware” tab click, then up the “Device Manager” button -> “Device Manager “on the plus + before” Imaging Devices “click -> Webcam with right click -> properties -> tab”. General “in” Device Status “in the text field” This device is working properly ”

In Vista click -> Start -> Control Panel -> Device Manager -> Continue -> in “Device Manager” in the Plus + before “Imaging Devices” -> Webcam with right click -> properties – -> “General” tab in “Device Status” in the text field “This device is working properly.”

Since I assume that the webcam does not have a program, one should be installed.

Installing a webcam

When installing the webcam, I advise taking the hook in the out additional programs, since the lack of any software is installed later in the operation!

After the start: To activate the webcam at the top center “Options” button, then the tab “Record” button, then add the “Recording” to point at “Video Device”, click the down arrow, and then click your webcam “fox link Webcam” then click “OK”.

To set the storage location for webcam recordings at the top center “Options” button, then the tab “Output” button then in the middle at “Destination Folder” on the “…” button, then search for the folder and click “OK”.

Click here for the operation and recording of your webcam in the top left under “Device” in the small box, and change the format (best: .avi)
then “Device” button then the image of the webcam should be seen!

For a Webcam recording lower left to “Record” button, etc.

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