How to make a short film with a webcam?

short film with a webcam

Usually, the webcam only used for video chat or video calls on Skype or Windows Live Messenger, however, can also record a message or a short film that can then spread. How? We’ll explain it below.

Filming with free software

Most often, the drivers you install on your computer to run your webcam are a small program that allows you to shoot using your webcam. The videos can be rudimentary, but may be useful depending on usage.

You can also choose to record your video with Windows Movie Maker, choosing the option “Capture video from webcam”. You can then make an issue from the recorded sequence.

On the Mac, iMovie can also shoot videos from a webcam. However, not all webcams are compatible with iMovie.

In all cases, properly adjust your webcam settings (brightness, sharpness, etc.) to get the clearest picture possible.Filming payment programs

Some paid programs are adapted “tailored” to film a short film thanks to a webcam. For example, the WebcamMax program allows you to add effects in real time.

Quickcam is of course a reference in the field; simple to use, it has the advantage of being very effective. License price is more comfortable than WebcamMax.

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