How can you make your webcam streaming online?

Live streaming online

I am running a webcam, it is almost always streaming online, there is a live stream. In fact, I can even move it (left-right-up-down) or just to make shots like a static picture which is updated every few minutes.

Live stream technical part

You need web space, preferably to be run with PHP support to various scripts. After that a domain. And of course, a webcam. Concerning the webcam, there are two alternatives. One via USB and the other is a network camera.

The USB variant of the computer must always be on in order the cam to stream. Then you also need a webcam server program that makes the images accessible via Internet.

The network camera connects via your router / network and has mostly a web server where is integrated. It is not necessary to have a computer at all, you can simply access the cam via IP address.

The address would be your current IP address which you can then call via DynDNS service. In both cases, you will need a static address to be able to access the camera. Having the IP of the webcam you can easily show the video on your homepage.

That was only a rough description to illustrate only the principle. A few technical details and port settings must be also taken into consideration.

If your webcam is then once online, you’ll be able to add it Globocam in Webcam catalogs.

Another variation is to register with a webcam network and sending your pictures to this server, which will show it on the Internet.

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